Gallery 1

Topher Allen on Heat Of The Night (24), Freycinet. Photo: Jed Parkes. 

Gerry Narkowicz on the Sea Level Traverse, Freycinet. Photo: Bob McMahon

Steve Goss on How Hard Can It Be (23), Tyndalls. Photo: Roger Parkyn.

Mark Polinski on Get What You Need (30), Mersey Cliffs. Photo: Alec Wilson


Camp near Federation Peak. Photo: Bob McMahon.    


Doug McConnell on Star Wars (27), Freycinet. Photo: Roger Parkyn


Nick Hancock on The Holy Grail (26), Freycinet. Photo: Roger Parkyn


Abseil from the North peak of Mt Geryon. Photo: Roger Parkyn


Gerry Narkowicz on Cluecified (23), Cluan Tiers. Photo: Bob McMahon


Adam Donoghue on Powerdive Eliminate (22), Ben Lomond. Photo: Bob McMahon


Lake Youl, Ben Lomond. Photo: Bob McMahon